IN 2005 the Balearics recorded an average consumption of food products of 670 kilogrammes/litre per person, which is above the national average of 654 kilogrammes/litre per person, according to the report “Food in Spain” published by the national Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. This study says that those above the national average quoted above are as follows.
Highest is Catalonia with 727 kilogrammes/litre per person, Cantabria with 724, Castilla and Leon with 694 and Asturias with 681.
Aragon also recorded 681 kilogrammes/litre per person while the Balearics managed 670, Navarra was 660 and the Canary Islands 656.
Going to the opposite extreme, Murcia was most below the national average with 549 kilgrammes/litres per person.
This was followed by Madrid, second from bottom with 625.
La Rioja was third with 628.
Climbing up the chart, these were followed by Galicia with 631, Andalucia with 632.
Then came Extremadura with 633, the Basque Region with 640, Valencia with 641, Castilla-La Mancha with 643.