Palma.—Tragedy struck again on the roads of Lluchmajor yesterday when a 22-year-old motorcyclist died as a result of yet another accident in the area where only a month ago a member of the Local Police lost his life in an accident just a few miles away from where yesterday's took place.

It was just after 10.10am when the young motorcyclists collided with a small van near Cap Blanc.
The accident happened on a straight stretch of the road but according to sources investigating the crash, the motorcyclist apparently lost control of his motorbike and swerved across the road into the path of the oncoming van, the driver of which had little time to react.

The 22-year-old suffered serious injuries to his head and fractured his arms and legs and was battling for life by the side of the road.
When the team of 061 paramedics reached the scene, he had apparently stopped breathing but, medics managed to eventually reanimate him and stabilised him before rushing him to Son Espases Hospital.

Sadly, the 22-year-old died shortly after being admitted to casualty as a result of the multiple and critical injuries he had suffered in the crash.
Lluchmajor Local Police were first on the scene quickly followed by the Guardia Civil highway patrol who have been put in charge of the accident investigation.

The van driver escaped unhurt but was suffering from severe shock and being comforted by social workers last night.
The road was closed for some time while the debris was cleared.