Palma.—The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Carlos Delgado, said yesterday that if he is accused of any wrongdoing while he was the Mayor of Calvia as a result of an on going investigation into the allegedly irregular hiring of personnel at Radio Calvia, he will follow his party's code of conduct and let the PP executive committee decide his future.

Delgado, who was getting married when the Guardia Civil raided Calvia Town Hall last Saturday, said that he may have misspent some of public funds “but I never misappropriated them” and denied any wrongdoing during his tenure as Mayor.The complaints against Calvia Council over activities between 2003 and 2011 were lodged by the Socialist Party which has said it was merely doing its job by bringing the allegedly irregular practice to light.

The prosecution is also apparently looking into claims of alleged bribery, mismanagement of public funds, political favours and prevarication involving some 1.4 million euros.