ENVIRONMENTAL pressure group GOB has called on the Balearic Government to tighten up its system of controls to make sure that fishermen are obeying the regulations.

The ecological group say that more inspections, vigilance and greater control are required to make sure fishing regulations are being complied with.
The GOB said that combating the illegal practices of trawlers would mean that the Government would not have to fill the bottom of the sea with artificial reefs.

The ecological group criticised the latter practice, designed to prevent trawlers from illegally fishing at depths of less than 50 metres. According to the GOB, the practice of dropping these cement platforms has the opposite effect, drawing fish away from their natural areas making them easier for the boats to catch.

The GOB instead asked that there be adequate management of existing areas to promote biodiversity.
The GOB also called for adequate control of the blue box system, which is supposed to help monitor where fishing boats are located.
The system is the responsibility of the central Ministry for Agriculture and Fishing, and the GOB called for greater co-operation between the autonomous and central authorities.