THE most sought- after flats for rent in the Balearics cost between 600 and 700 euros a month.
A property for this price is expected to comprise a surface area of 50 square metres with two bedrooms and a fully-fitted bathroom. The valuation report for February this year was released yesterday by property watchdog fotocasa.es and reveals that people living in the Balearic Islands are prepared to pay another 100 euros per month above the national average which stands at between 500 and 600 euros. In terms of property purchase, people in the Balearics are broadly speaking looking for a home consisting of 90 square metres in total surface area, comprising 3 bedrooms and a fully- fitted bathroom, at a maximum cost of around 170'000 euros. In other parts of the country, house buyers are typically looking for 70 metres in total with 3 bedrooms and a full-fitted bathroom for a maximum cost of 190'000 euros - above the price threshold in the Balearics.