STAFF REPORTER HOUSEHOLD fitting manufacturers in Binissalem, Casa Buades, recently threatening closure, has agreed to maintain 90 full-time staff and guarantee working conditions for a further five years.

The Works Committee and management at the plant, which is part of the Teka group, had been at loggerheads since the company announced it was in financial difficulties and was planning scores of redundancies. The situation prompted the intervention of Balearic Employment Minister, Joana Barcelo who positioned the government as a mediating factor in the negotiation process.

From originally having said they would guarantee 86 job, whilst giving early retirement to around 25, the company has now upped its offer to 90 indicating that negotiations over redundancies are still ongoing.

Sticking points iln the Works Committee and management talks remain the amount of money to be paid to the staff members who will be facing redundancies and the conditions for early retirement. The local town council meanwhile, has refused to respond to company requests for the factory land to be reclassified as a commercial plot until an agreement has been reached between workers and management.