Palma.—One of the biggest challenges present and previous Palma council have faced is how to transform the capital into a viable city break destination and now, the local authority has decided to spend the best part of 1.3 million euros over the next 18 months on sprucing up some of the more degraded resorts such as parts of the Playa de Palma.

The Councillor for urban Development, Sebastia Sanso, said yesterday that boosting tourism in the city is going to be the principal way of dragging the municipality out of recession.

City centre
Sanso said that apart from the city centre, the Playa de Palma needs to be in the best possible condition.
The council hopes that by improving the resort's image, summer bookings will increase and in order to do that, steps to improve security, street lighting, street and beach cleaning and the like are all going to be made.

Now that the ambitious redesign of the Playa de Palma has been put on the back burner due to a lack of funding, Palma City Council has taken upon itself to try and improve the municipality's image when and where possible.

The council has also been in touch with the hoteliers and local businesses, in particular bar and restaurant owners, encouraging them to do their bit to help the cause because, in the end, they will also benefit from more tourists.

Sunday opening
Council sources said that Sunday opening and permitting more restaurant and bar terraces in the centre of the city, such as along the Borne, has had a positive affect on tourism but more still has to done to transform Palma into a highly competitive short break destination.