THE average cost of a wedding in the Balearics is over 20'000 euros.
The archipelago is the sixth most expensive region in Spain in which to get married.
The cost of a wedding in the Balearics - 21'660 euros - is just above the national average of 20'805 euros.
The statistics were compiled by the Federation of Users and Consumers, which based its study on weddings with over 100 guests in 20 Spanish cities.
The average spend is down 9 percent on last year.
Madrid is the most expensive place in Spain to get married with an average spend of 24'115 euros. Valencia (23'759 euros) and La Rioja (23'405 euros) are in second and third place.

The cheapest place to get married in Spain is the Canary Islands (18'350 euros), followed by Extramadura (18'520 euros), Castile and Leon (18'740) and Castile-La Mancha (18'865).

The study also broke down the costs of the average wedding.
It found that the bride's dress cost no less than 5'000 euros, to which “one had to add shoes, accessories, make-up, hairstyling and bouquet”, bringing the total to over 7'000 euros.

For men the cost varied between 500 and 1'200 euros.
Photography varied between 900 and 1'500 euros, according to the study.
The honeymoon, the report found, varied depending on the location, but “it's difficult” to find anything for less than 2'500 euros per person.
Other wedding “details”, including flowers for the church, music and wedding invitations, could reach between 2'130 euros and 4'260 euros.
The federation advised those preparing their wedding to have a fixed budget before they started, reserving their honeymoon well in advance, making sure costs did not rise and sharing flowers in the church with other couples getting married on the same day.

Last year, the federation received 308 consultations and complaints relating to problems with wedding celebrations.