PALMA police are becoming increasingly concerned about the recent increase in the number of weekend fights.
Last weekend, a total of 256 people were involved in a number of brawls along Palma's Paseo Maritimo and in Cala Major and three people were arrested.
Scores of others were cautioned.
According to the police, the majority of people involved are either Bulgarian or Colombian and the Local Police are going to be stepping up weekend patrols, as are the National Police.

The Local Police have a special GAP prevention unit which was set up two years ago to police Palma's popular night spots and enforce law and order while monitoring the activities of the city's gangs. However, since the unit's creation, Latin gangs have grown and spread across the city and there now appears to be growing friction between the South American and eastern European immigrants. In the early hours of Sunday morning, an estimated 50 people, most of them Colombian - clashed near a night club in calle Gavina in Cala Major - just 24 hours after 70 Bulgarians were involved in a fight in the same area. Over 20 police were deployed to the scene.

According to the police, the club is in the process of being shut down because it does not have the necessary licenses.