A SINGLE-lane-only bypass is to open in the third week of May as a temporary way around the dangerous road subsidence on the Andratx to Estellencsroad, the Council of Majorca said yesterday.

Permanent repair of the road is planned but will not be complete for another two to three months. Meanwhile, the subsidence has completely cut off Estellencs from the outside world and has severely damaged its restaurant, bar and cafe trade, normally patronised by visitors coming from Andratx to the Tramuntana mountains. A recent visit by politicians from the Council of Majorca resulted in a call for a temporary bypass being made because should medical or other emergencies arise, services need to be able to get through.

Public Works Councillor, Antoni Alemany said yesterday that the road will open to single-lane traffic in the next few weeks after unstable ground has been shored up with reinforced concrete. Up until now, headway has been made to allow heavy operating machinery to reach the site of the subsidence. The temporary roadway is expected to cost 10 million euros of Central Government funds.

Alemany explained that the solutions were “complicated” because the ground is made of clay, soil conditions where there is reportedly always movement of earth to a greater or lesser degree. “The concrete is the only safe answer,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Council of Majorca is commissioning a survey on the mountain road in collaboration with the Mayors of the towns along the route which have been affected by the subsidence.