Palma.—According to the Local Police, who have questioned the teenager who is now in the care of the social services, she was locked away because she had been smoking.

The Juvenile Courts are now investigating the case but the Lluchmajor Local Police force had apparently opened up an investigation some months ago when it was reported to them by the local school the victim attended that she had not turned up for class for various weeks. Police opened an investigation which transpired to be extremely complicated because the parents, who are foreign, failed to supply the school with the correct contact numbers.

However, police eventually managed to locate the chalet in which the family lived on a local estate.
The police immediately began searching for the girl and eventually managed to ascertain that she was being held against her will in her own home and had apparently been locked in the basement for smoking.

According to the statement the victim eventually gave police, she been locked in the basement for two months.
What is more, the teenager told police that her father was extremely strict with her and when he found out that she had been smoking with her friends, apparently with his wife's consent, decided to lock her in the cellar for nearly 60 days.

This was the beginning of a two month nightmare for the little girl.
Apparently, she had no contact with the outside world, did not see her friends and was not even allowed to use the Internet.
Nobody, apart from her parents, knew what was going on and what had happened to her.
Having heard the girl's statement, both parents face being charged and their daughter has been taken into the care of the social services while the juvenile courts now carry out their investigation.

They will have to look into the victim's claims that during the two months she was locked up, she was only allowed to eat bread, water, out of date eggs and poor quality fish which her father used to take to her.

On occasions, her father would allow her up to the kitchen to get something out of the fridge but only under his supervision.
He would then apparently accompany her back to the basement and lock her in again. All she had in the cold basement was a bed and a small kitchen.
The police has subsequently inspected the basement with the parents and her account was correct.