Palma.—Recent opinion polls carried out by the Bulletin sister paper Ultima Hora have revealed that the Partido Popular is suffering at a regional and local level.

The latest survey has shown that confidence in Palma City Council is waning with residents unhappy about the general lack of cleanliness of the capital and that basic services have been reduced or scrapped all together.

In fact, if there was a local election tomorrow, the ruling Partido Popular would lose four councillors while the opposition Socialists would gain one leaving them in a position to form a coalition government.

Some of the primary complaints are noise, the increase in parking rates, the confusion over cycle lanes, the lack of parking, traffic congestion and the debacle over the convention centre.

Bus fares
In fact, so many Palma residents are fed up with having to live with the unfinished building, nearly 50 percent would support more public money being used to complete the project. Residents are not impressed with the increase in bus fares and the result has been that the EMT municipal transport company has witnessed a decline in passengers.

However, it does appear that Palma City Council is aware of the public's discontent but has explained that it has been left with little option because of the austerity measures introduced by central government in Madrid.

Spokesperson for Palma City Council, Julio Martinez, said yesterday that the local authority is only half way through its first term in government and we've got to be prudent. “We're doing our best but our hands are tied by the orders from Madrid.
Less money “We're trying to make the best of a poor situation. We've got less money and there is even less on the horizon, so we're trying to work with what we've got,” he said. “But at least, we know when to admit when we're wrong and we admit we've made mistakes that we will try to rectify.”