TAXI fares in Palma are to go up to a minimum of three euros under an agreement reached between the Palma city council and the unions.
The councillor for Transit and Transport, Carlos Veramendi, confirmed this, saying that this system is already in place in Madrid and Barcelona. This means that instead of a minimum fare, which at the moment is 1.80 euros, the minimum cost of a taxi ride during the day will be three euros, while at night it will be four euros.

Veramendi explained that the taxi's meter will start at three euros and will rise only after 1.714 kilometres have been covered or 270 seconds have passed, while at night it will rise after 1.979 kilometres have been covered or 385 seconds have passed.

In addition to this, he confirmed that the average increase in tariffs was 3.36 percent this year, while in 2006 this increase was 4.69 percent, and recalled that the taxi sector had asked for a rise of more than five percent for 2007.

As for the supplements, the councillor said that only two have increased, the Dique del Oeste, which has increased from 1.70 to 2.50 euros, in line with the existing Balearic law, and the “minimum fare” to the airport, which has increased from 10.50 to 11 euros.