By Humphrey Carter

MEMBERS of Palma's Local Police force and the fire brigade were involved in a delicate and complicated operation to rescue a Cocker Spaniel yesterday.

The alarm was raised just after 9am when a resident in the suburb of La Vileta, called the emergency services to report that he could hear a dog barking and that the animal could well be trapped down a hole in the mountainous area of the Valle del Silencio.

A Local Police rapid reaction unit immediately responded and had to hike a kilometre into the woods to locate the crying dog who was stuck down a three metre hole.

Having assessed the situation, the fire brigade was called in to help with the rescue.

The area was cordoned off by the police while fire fighters, using a ladder, began making attempts to climb down and rescue the Cocker Spaniel.
Eventually, after making the main access to the hole large enough for a fire fighter and a net to fit through, a member of the rescue team managed to scale down to where the dog was trapped and carefully scoop the animal into the net.

Fortunately, the dog had not suffered any injuries. According to the police, the bottom of the hole was full of rubbish and this served to cushion the dog's fall.

However, the dog had been shaken by the ordeal and was very scared, despite efforts by the police to calm it down.
The rescued dog was eventually driven back into La Vileta where staff from the Son Reus municipal dog pound were waiting to take the animal into care while they try to track down its owners, which should not be a problem providing the animal has been fitted with the obligatory microchip.