THE Balearic ministry of commerce, industry and energy will help local cabbies pay for adapting their taxis to the use of liquid gas to improve energy efficiency.

The agreement was signed yesterday by minister Josep Juan Cardona, the director of Repsol's gas department in Spain, Victor Peon, and the presidents of the taxi associations, Gabriel Moragues and Julio Nieto.

Cardona said it is more efficient, does not generate residues of lead and sulphur, and reduces noise levels as well as the emission of gases which provoke a greenhouse effect.

It is also ten per cent cheaper than diesel and 40 per cent cheaper than petrol. As it is a clean energy, the cars need less maintenance.
Subsidies will be available from May, and will be 450 euros to adapt a cab and 2'000 euros for the purchase of a car which already runs on gas.