ALL things olive oil were on display in El Corte Inglés on Alexandre Rosselló yesterday as the department store hosted the first day of the Oleoart exposition.

The show, which runs until April 5, brings together this staple of the Mediterranean diet and art through photo exhibitions, a video show about “oleoturismo” (olive oil tourism) and sculptures made from the wood of olive trees.

The initiative is being driven by the olive oil board of Majorca, which says it wants to promote the “artistic” and “magical” aspects of the product.
Mercè Amer, the local Minister for Agriculture and Fishing, highlighted the great efforts being made by the sector to promote Majorcan olive oil.
During the remainder of the 10-day promotion, there will two seminars given about Majorcan olive oil.
One will be tasting during which members of the public will be able to learn to differentiate virgin olive oils. The other seminar will deal with olive oil in Majorcan gastronomy and will be attended by an expert from the University of the Balearics and the chef, Tomeu Caldentey.

Throughout the 10 days of the exposition, groups will be able to visit an exhibition of artistic objects made from the trunks of olive trees, as well as old instruments used in the harvest of olives and production of oil.

During some visits, explanations will be given about the use of each instrument.
Throughout, members of the Department of Agriculture and Fishing will be in attendance.