THE DGE Balearic Emergency Centre has finished kitting out its services with new digital communication equipment which will enable rescue teams to coordinate activity in areas of previously poor reception by conventional analogue means, a spokesman explained yesterday.

On Majorca, the DGE has given six to the public health service (Ib-Salut), two to the Fire Service in Palma, eight to the Majorcan Fire Service, five to the Nature Protection Unit of the Guardia Civil (IBANAT), three to the Local Police in Palma, two to Balearic Ports, two to the Maritime Rescue Service and five to the SEIB 112 Emergency coordination team.

One digital unit has also been given to each of the following: the Balearic Ports Authority, Maritime Services, the regional government's Roads department, the regional branch of the National Weather Agency (AEMET), the Education Ministry, the Red Cross, the Central Government delegation in the Balearics, the regional Ministry for the President's Office, and the Water Resources department and similar departments and services have been provided with the digital communications equipment in Ibiza and Minorca.

The DGE has made sure that all the organisations which have been given the new digital communication have been given adequate training in how to use it. The principal aim of introducing the new equipment is to ensure that all Emergency units, thanks to the satellite-boosted technology, can be in active communication with each other at any given time, regardless of location.

With the equipment now operational in the Islands, the Balearics has now been logged onto the State Digital Radiocommunication System (SIRDEE) which is controlled for the security and emergency services by the Central Government ministry for the Interior. In the Balearics, responsibility for ensuring the efficiency of the digital system will fall to the regional ministry for Innovation, the Interior and Justice which is spending nearly 1'200'000 euros on the upgrade.