Palma.—In association with a number of local institutions and organisations, the Balearic government has drawn up a calendar of numerous events to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Majorcan missionary, Fray Juniper Serra, in Petra, who went on to found California.

This year has been declared the Year of Fray Juniper Serra and Balearic Minister for Protocol, Antonio Gomez, unveiled a new website www.juniperoserra2013.es which will contain all the information about the events which have been organised and the history of the Majorcan priest who has a statue on capitol hill dedicated to him.

Serra was born on November 24, 1713 and the Council of Majorca have published a new edition of the biography written by Francisco Palau, a personal friend of Fray Juniper Serra and considered as the first historian of California.

Also present at yesterday's presentation was the President of the Association of Friends of Fray Juniper Serra, Bartomeu Bestard, who has worked tirelessly to revive, protect and promote the memory and achievements of the Majorcan priest.

Gomez explained that events will include lectures, movie screenings, musical concerts, guided tours, literary readings, exhibitions, conferences along with special gastronomic events which the Balearic Hostelry School have been preparing.

Gomez said that many of the main TV channels will be broadcasting documentaries about Fray Juniper Serra including TV Mexico, where his journey actually began. The Ministry for the Economy will also be organising a series of meetings between the Balearics and US business communities in Spain to promote commerce and tourism.