THE Palma council approved its new bylaws on animals in the city yesterday.
All the clauses had been agreed among the political parties beforehand and posted for public inspection, although no objections were filed.
The only dissenting voice came from a representative of the association for the defence of animal rights.
She said that the regulations focus on the illnesses and inconvenience which can be caused by animals, not their defence.
The council majority had ceded on one point of its new bylaws, that of feeding the pigeons.
At first, it had ruled that pigeons could not be fed in streets and squares. This point has been modified so that the birds can be fed, but only at strategic points indicated by the council. These points have yet to be decided. There is also a ban on leaving food in the streets for stray cats and dogs. However, they can be given food, providing they eat it right away and it is not left in the street. Although the opposition approved the new bylaws, the general opinion was that they would be hard to enforce.
They also said that there was room for improvement, and “a more advanced law” is needed.