Joan Collins PALMA airport is the second in Spain to have a rise in flights planned for the Summer season (15'153 more), while Ibiza occupies fourth place with 7'084 more flights planned according to sources at AENA (the Spanish Airports Authority). On the other hand, Son Sant Joan (Palma's airport) occupies third place among airports with more flights planned for the whole year (141'307, 12 percent more), after Madrid (266'753, 5.6 percent more) and Barcelona (202'025, 8.8 percent more). Among the 10 airlines with the most volume of traffic through Spanish airport, the ones which will grow most in the next season are: Vueling Airlines (93 percent), Ryanair (23 percent), Air Berlin (23 percent), Monarch Airlines (22 percent) and easyJet (13 percent). Aircraft movements planned in Spanish airports for the coming Summer season will rise by 7.7 percent compared with the same season last year, with a total of 1'243'887 movements planned. This means it will be possible to fly to more than 280 destinations in 70 countries from Spanish airports controlled by AENA. On Sunday (March 26) the airlines' Summer programme starts. It will finish on October 28. The European airlines' change of season coincides with the changing of the clocks (forward one hour) for the start of European summer time. The “slots”, the times allocated for take off and landing, assigned in Spanish airports will also grow by 9.1 percent with respect to seats offered, up to 174'609'348.