THE average Social Security pension in the Balearics was 677.84 euros in February, 11.6 percent less than the national average of 756.09 euros and the fourth lowest in Spain, according to figures published yesterday by the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

In total, 156'958 people received a pension in February in the Balearics, some 1.9 percent of the national total, with an average pension of 606.13 euros, 10.5 percent less than the national average of 670.47 euros monthly.

Most pensions were for retirement (677.84 euros) with some 92'058 people receiving these. In addition to this, 41'408 people on the islands received a widow's pension in February, which was 446.46 euros, the third lowest in Spain.

As to incapacity pension 18'779 people received this pension of 691.63 euros.