A total of 176'894 travellers stayed in Balearic hotels in February, spending 882'670 nights here, which was an average hotel occupation of 49.82 percent.

The Canaries, Madrid and Valencia were the autonomous regions which recorded the highest hotel occupation figures in February, with 64.72, 53.41 and 51.48 percent respectively.

This was very much above the national average of 46.11 percent.
According to figures from the Tourist Hotel Poll for February, published yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Spanish hotels received a total of 4'889'119 visitors, with more than 13 and a half million overnight stays, and an average stay of 2.79 nights.

The lowest hotel occupation occurred in Galicia (26.04 percent), Asturias (26.26), Cantabria (26.43), and Extremadura (26.91 percent).
With regard to the number of visitors staying in hotels in February, Andalucia had 971'633, followed by Catalonia with 741'482 and Madrid with 705'802.

The Canaries were the region with the most overnight stays (3.5 million), and there the tourists stayed an average of 6.8 nights. This was followed by Andalucia, which had 2.4 million overnight stays and an average stay of 2.5 days.