THE Balearics is the region of Spain with the sixth highest average income level per capita in the country.
A National Institute of Statistics (INE) report confirmed yesterday that the figure for the Islands, 25'238 euros, is above the national average of 23'396 euros, after a growth of 5.6 percent during 2007 in respect of the previous year. This growth has nevertheless been less than the European Union average covering 27 member states, which reached 24'700 last year.

Seven regions of Spain had average income levels per capita above the national average, topped by the Basque Country (30'599 euros); Madrid (29'965); Navarre (29'483); Aragon (25'361); the Balearics (25'238); and La Rioja (24'717). All these averages were also above that of the European Union for the same year. The remaining ten communities of Spain, plus the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, all fell below the national average.

Regional accounting statistics made available by the Institute also revealed the progress of economic growth registered between 2000 and 2007. The figure for Spain as a whole was 3.41 percent, a figure exceeded by eight regions of the country. The highest growth during this period was claimed by Murcia at 3.94 percent, and the worst performance was awarded to the Balearics whose Gross Product has increased over the last seven years by only 2.29 percent.