A social networking internet clip showing Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson being trapped in a toilet by pranksters during the final day of the Majorca Classic Car Rally has registered a staggering 15'000 plus hits.

The stunt was captured on film during a break in filming at the race circuit in Llucmajor. Clarkson entered the portable toilet but jokers piled tyres against the door whilst he was inside.

The Top Gear frontman had to kick open the door to escape accompanied by cheers from assembled onlookers. Clarkson muttered: “Very funny,” as he escaped from his toilet torment. The stunt was featured in several UK tabloid newspapers soon after and the clip on YouTube has more hits by the hour.

Comments posted by fans include a message from someone who claims to know that the prank will be featured on a future episode of Top Gear. Others took pity on Clarkson and sympathised that the petrolhead was unable to visit the toilet without attention from the press.