Joan Collins THE Port of Palma yesterday received the first visit of the Spanish cruise ship “Grand Voyager” with the traditional presenting of the ship's crest to the captain in the presence of representatives from Iberojet and Lantimar. The difference between normal cruise ships and the “Grand Voyager” is not in her size or her passenger carrying capability, 836 in 418 cabins of which 52 are suites (the biggest being 34 square metres), but in her speed, a factor more associated with the mythical liners of the past. This is an unusual factor in a cruise ship but nevertheless it allows the ship to spend less time at sea and more time in port so that the passengers can have more time to enjoy their visit. The ship is capable of more than 27 knots and is considered the fastest in the world with the exception of Cunard's super transatlantic liners. The “Grand Voyager” has 25'000 tonne displacement and was constructed in 2000 by the historic German shipyard Blohm & Voss. This year she will start from Venice, crossing the Adriatic to Dubrovnik, Corfu, Rhodes, Istanbul, Mikonos and Santorini. For those on board it has a touch of classical Greece with names of mythical gods in its interior and reproductions of archeological pieces in its galleries. On board the official language is Spanish and its 360 crew members speak this language during all of the planned activities in the daily programme. Its passengers can use the gymnasium with its sauna and Turkish baths, visit the shopping mall or go to the games room or the library or visit the beauty parlour. And at night there is a whole catalogue of shows which range from variety to all types of live music, humour and magic to cabaret. There are four bars including a piano bar and a Cuban style bar, and three restaurants allowing passengers to choose between a very elegant setting or a less formal buffet style or a pizzeria by the swimming pool. And you shouldn't miss the casino with its many roulette wheels where you can try your luck or a disco above the bridge with panoramic views.