THE Hoteliers Association of Cala Millor, has declared that the proposal to temporarily call a halt to the construction of the Inca-Manacor dual carriageway, made by the leader of the Balearic government, Jaume Matas, is “very sound”. However, the head of the Association, Antoni Roig, reiterated the “crucial” need to upgrade the heavily used Palma to Manacor highway.
Roig, valued the decision that Matas had made, above all because it came in a period of governmental transition prior to the swearing in of the new central Socialist government. “To put things right, is the work of wise men”, he said. The dual carriageway had been the subject of bitter controversy between regional government and those on the island opposed to roadway development plans. Roig explained that the road-widening of the Palma to Manacor highway is “fundamental” to guarantee the daily security of thousands of users, as much for the Island's inhabitants as for tourists who holiday on the east coast. The hotelier suggested that the Inca to Manacor dual carriageway has “less priority” than other road infrastructure, such as the relief road which will run north of Manacor and the second Palma ringroad. He pointed out that coaches which pick up tourists at the airport to drive them to the eastern side of the Island are forced to use the Palma-Manacor highway. Roig believed that the lives that might be lost through accident on this infamous road “are worth a great deal more” than the land “consumption” occasioned by the widening of the road surface.