NINE suspected drug traffickers - including a French citizen in the southeast of Majorca - have been arrested and 3'300kg of hashish have been seized in an operation carried out by Spanish and French police.

The joint operation, which was carried out by members of the Spanish National Police and French Gendarmes, was begun several months ago after a group of drug traffickers were identified importing hashish from Morocco into Majorca and then onto the Spanish mainland and France.

The base of the traffickers' operations was a chalet in the southeast of the island where the drugs were received and stored before being moved onto the mainland.

The police operation against the suspected drug traffickers came to a climax over the weekend.
On Saturday, according to the Spanish Government's representative in the Balearics, Ramon Socías, the police intercepted two men in a truck at Granollers in Catalonia after following it from Majorca.

It is believed they were on their way to the French border. The two men, one French, the other Portuguese, were arrested.
Inside the truck, police officers discovered 2'100kg of hashish.
The police intercepted the truck because they believed the driver was trying to shake them off.
Meanwhile, police in France arrested six French citizens, who are believed to be accomplices of the two men in the truck.
On Sunday morning, another 62-year-old French citizen was arrested at the chalet in southeast Majorca. Close to the chalet, police found a further 1'200kg of hashish in a van. It is believed this was destined for markets in mainland Spain and France.

According to Socías, this latest operation is another “blow” to drug trafficking in the Balearics following the recent arrest of 33 people in Valldemossa and the seizure of 3'000kg of hashish.