Over 5 million euros is to be spent on enlarging the Majorcan Railway Services' (SFM) train repair yards at Son Rullan in Palma, the Balearic government confirmed yesterday.

Regional President Francesc Antich was visiting the yards accompanied by his Transport Minister Gabriel Vicens. He said that although the installations might not be a tourist attraction, they are absolutely vital to the safe and smooth running of the railway service. The works are due to start and finish this year.

Antich said that major developments in the Balearics in public transport systems had been made possible because of Central Government funding. Some 17 million euros is meanwhile being spent on upgrading security measures on trains and ensuring passenger safety.

The Balearic government continues to work on eliminating level crossings over railway lines on Majorca and envisages electrifying the system which currently runs on diesel.

The next major construction project is the tram-style train which will run from Manacor to Arta.