SPANIARDS are more worried about unemployment and the economy now than any time since the middle of 2006.
Unemployment was the greatest worry of those surveyed for the latest poll conducted by the Centre for Sociological Investigation (CIS). Of those interviewed, 45.8 percent mentioned unemployment at the top of their list of worries, followed by the economy. Terrorism came in third at 36.9 percent, a rise of 5.5 points on the last poll carried out by CIS.

The poll was conducted between March 24 and 31 after the recent General Elections.
It reveals that 37 percent of Spaniards regard the current economic situation in the country as “bad” or “very bad” and that 34.4 percent believe the economic situation is going to deteriorate further.

This latter figure compares with 25.5 percent in the last poll conducted in February.
The political situation in the country is viewed more favorably than the last poll, with 22.6 percent regarding it as “good” or “very good”, compared to only 15.9 percent in February. And the percentage of those who view the political situation negatively has decreased from 35.7 percent to 26.8 percent.

Terrorism is the issue that has affected Spaniards the most since the last poll was taken. The poll was conducted two weeks after the assassination of the Socialist councillor, Isaías Carrasco, by ETA in Mondragón.

The economy is in second place.