RESIDENTS in the Port of Pollensa are up in arms about the construction work being carried out along the sea front and in the harbour.
Last week, the locals complained about the new buildings and shade facilities being constructed in the public car park on the front near the roundabout and, this week, residents are angry about the reconstruction of the old port building and fish market. Locals, in particular those living along the sea front, have slammed the reconstruction project as a “blot on the landscape” and complained that all the building work is ruining the view along the front. What is more, few people are impressed by the fact that the building work has coincided with the start of the summer season.
The design of the new port project has never been that popular, many people claim that the new one, once completed, will look worse than the old harbour master's building. The Mayor of the Port of Pollensa, Joan Cerdá said yesterday that the new controversial building takes up less space than the previous one because the old guard's living quarters, which was all glass and aluminium, is being incorporated into the redevelopment project for the restaurant area. The local council has already had problems with the state of the bathing water in the bay this spring.