WHILE hundreds of people are rushing to enjoy free rides on the city's new metro which runs between the transport hub beneath the Plaza España to the University, the university rector Montserrat Casas has said it has also created problems. And the main one is that people who live in the surrounding area have already got into the habit of leaving their cars in the University's car park and catching the metro into Palma to avoid parking problems in the city centre. As to students who live outside Palma, Casas said that they find the train expensive and they then have to catch the metro (which is only free until September), so many of them still prefer to use their cars. Another problem is that students at the hostelry school have complained of difficulties in reaching their faculty from the station.
Casas has already been in contact with the municipal bus company, the EMT, to solve the problem of transport within the campus itself, which is now enormous. And she also plans to take steps to prevent people not connected with the university from using the car park.
Casas, the first woman to become rector of the University, admitted that the train and the metro were “suitable” methods of transport for the university, but called for official backing to solve the problems involved.