Palma.—43 percent of residents in the Islands feel as “Spanish” as they do “Balearic”, 24 percent think of themselves as purely “Spanish” (the highest percentage in this bracket in the country) and just 7 percent only identify with being “Balearic”, the José Ortega y Gasset Foundation reported yesterday in its The Pulse of Spain report for 2010.

Using data gathered in the research, the Foundation claimed that 9 percent of Balearic Islanders feel more Spanish than Balearic but that 13 percent claimed to be more Balearic than Spanish. However, at a national level 54 percent of those taking part in the research said that they identified as much with being Spanish as they did as residents of the region where they had their homes.

National level
At a national level 14 percent of those interviewed claimed they felt “just Spanish”; 13 percent said they had more allegiance to the region where they lived than to the nation as a whole; 12 percent said they felt more attached to the Spanish nation as a whole than to the place where they were born, and around 5 percent said they only felt a sense of belonging in the community where they came from.