A group of 40 Russian travel agents are currently on a fact finding tour of Majorca.
The 40 travel agents started their grand tour yesterday and will be visiting various key cultural and tourism sites during the visit which continues until Tuesday. Yesterday they visited the museum at the Yannick and Ben Jakover Foundation in Alcudia where they will also be meeting the mayor and senior members of the Council of Majorca. The idea of the local authorities is to impress upon the travel agents, so they in turn can inform their clients, that Majorca is “much more that sun and beaches but that it has lots of culture and its own language.” The group will be visiting various spas and luxury hotels, the caves in Arta, Inca leather factories, Lluc Monastery, sa Calobra, many of the main tourist resorts and the centre of Palma and its sites such as the Cathedral, Bellver Castle and El Cortes Inglés for its shopping. Russia is considered to be a potential new market for the Balearics.