Palma.—A 69-year-old American holiday maker was killed near Portals Nous yesterday. Her American husband was seriously injured in the accident, which happened early yesterday afternoon, and the young local driver of the other vehicle involved, which apparently crossed the central reservation, was also badly hurt. Both were rushed to hospital suffering from multiple injuries.

Cut free
The accident happened at 3.30pm along the Palma to Andratx motorway near Portals Nous and one of the drivers had to be cut free from the wreckage by Council of Majorca fire fighters. The fatality is understood to have died at the scene from heart failure.

The accident blocked most of the Palma-bound carriage way with a number of coaches carrying tourists to Palma airport stuck in the traffic jam for some hours while the emergency services responded to the tragic scene. The exact cause of the accident remains to be confirmed and accident investigators remained at the scene yesterday evening while the Guardia Civil spoke to eye witnesses.