Palma.—23-year-old Anthony Farrell from Darlington, Durham, landed in Palma last Saturday with a group of friends for a week's holiday only to lose his wallet in the arrivals hall.

Fortunately, an honest and quickly thinking British tourist spotted the wallet and handed it in to the National Police office inside the terminal.
Inside was 520 euros in cash but no indication as to where the owner was staying on the island.
Police found a receipt which showed that the money had been exchanged in Darlington and the telephone number of where the transaction had been carried out.

So, armed with very little, the National Police began contacting the airlines which had flown in from the UK that day and the local tour operators and hotels in case any of their clients had reported losing their wallets while officers began the paper chase in the United Kingdom by using the number found on the exchange slip.

The National Police managed to ascertain that he and his friends had flown in on a Ryanair flight and eventually, on Tuesday, they managed to locate Anthony's mother in Britain who was able to inform the police that her son was staying at the Mallorca Rocks Hotel.

And, on Wednesday morning, he got a call from the police who informed him that not only had they found his wallet but that all 520 euros were inside.
Yesterday morning, Anthony, an extremely grateful Anthony was presented with his wallet by the airport National Police. “I couldn't believe it,” he told the Bulletin. “I never thought that honest people like that really existed, I can't thank the person who found my wallet enough nor the police for having gone through all that trouble to find me and return my money. I had been feeling pretty miserable until I got the call. It was my holiday spending money and I had been forced to borrow off my mates. “So tonight (last night) I am taking them all out for dinner to say thanks for all their help,” Anthony, who flies home tomorrow said. “To be honest, I never thought I'd see the wallet nor my money again, like I said, I really can't believe it,” he added.