Mahon.—Ten Hawk jets and a C-130 transport aircraft will be heading to Minorca early on Wednesday ahead of the performance which takes place at 2p.m. and will last for almost an hour.

The Red Arrows are performing in Minorca as part of the celebrations to mark the 300th anniversary of the British-built military hospital in the centre of the Port of Mahon. The hospital, the first of its kind to be built outside Britain, has been lovingly restored by a group of volunteeers of all nationalities.

The performance by the elite Royal Air Force team is the icing on the cake of the celebrations which will last for most of the year.
Nine of the red Hawk jets will take part in the performance and one will be flown by Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Moore, the first female Red Arrows pilot. Kirsty, who has flown many of the Royal Air Force´s aircraft has given even more publicity to the crack team who are known across the globe. Thousands of people are expected to watch the display including many from Majorca.

Sloane helicopters, one of the sponsors of the official reception which is taking place after the show for pilots and crew, are flying over to Majorca in force. It is the first time that the elite aerobatic unit have performed in the Balearics and they are returning to Britain after training in Cyprus over the winter period. The Red Arrows has many supporters in Minorca who have all played their part in bringing the team to the island. The 100 RAF personnel involved in the elite team are expected to remain on the island until Thursday. An official visit to the military hospital has also been organised along with a sight seeing tour of Minorca. It should be a display to remember.