Palma.—The open-air concert is once again being organised by RS Promotions and will take place on 22nd July at the unique Zhan Lounge Terrace, set in the idyllic surroundings of Pollença Golf.

ZHAN´s terrace and lawned garden will provide a stunning backdrop for the concert with its breathtaking views.
Having celebrated 25 years in the music business with an intimate gig at LIPA (The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) in the Paul McCartney Auditorium (PMA) in September 2008, China Crisis is largely considered one of the better musical contributions of that much-maligned decade; their smooth, cerebral pop style gave them a string of British hits between 1982 and 1987.

Although a bit fiery for most in the new romantic camp during the early ‘80s, China Crisis was inspired by similar sources but injected their pop songs with occasional political commentary and bluesy, reggae rhythms. The first China Crisis single, “African and White” didn't appear until 1982, but it was quickly picked up by Virgin and made the British charts.

Another single, “Christian” hit number 12, followed by two singles from second album, Working with Fire and Steel Possible Pop Songs, Vol. 2. The band spent 1984-85 making their biggest chart run, beginning with their first Top Ten hit, Wishful Thinking followed by their third album Flaunt the Imperfection.