Palma.—Escala was thought to have run away from the Son Llebre estate on which she worked with her husband Jaime in Son Ferrer.
But, in February, the step mother of a local neighbour and her brothers came forward claiming that Escala has in fact been killed by her late husband, who was known to have physically abused her, and that they knew where the remains of her burnt body had been buried.

Apparently, they had kept quiet about the alleged killing all these years for fears of reprisals by the victim's late husband who was known for his bad temper.

Now, a team of forensic scientists are examining the remains found yesterday in a bid to ascertain if they are those of mother of nine Escala 36 years ago.

The location of the grave was found by sniffer dogs flown over from Madrid to help the search last week.
The dogs found an area of five square metres which was cordoned off by the police yesterday morning and at midday, the forensics moved on to the site. According to police sources, not only is the time lapse going to be a problem, one of the suspected killer's tasks was to dispose of the estates cattle and he did so by burning the dead cows and investigators fear that he may have burnt his wife along with a group of dead animals which is going to complicate sifting through the remains found yesterday.

Apparently, he would have the furnace burning for months on end and threw any only rubbish in, anything that would burn. The victim's daughter Paquita said yesterday that she had always suspected her father.