Palma.—The raids came just hours after the court dates were set for hearing into alleged corruption surrounding the sale of 52'000 square metre plot of land for the construction of 600 houses in Palma by the Council of Majorca when Maria Antonia Munar was president of the local authority.

She was also leader of the now defunct Majorcan Union Party and not only were Munar's two properties raided and searched, so too was that of her party Vice-president and former Balearic Minister for Tourism, Miguel Nadal, and the Council of Majorca's ex-planning chief, Bartomeu Vicens.

In fact, it was Vicens which sparked the raids after having handed over 160'000 euros in cash to the state prosecution service on Monday claiming that he was returning a bribe involved in the irregular sale of the Can Domenge plot.

According to court sources, based on a statement given by Vicens, some four million euros could have apparently been paid to UM and Council of Majorca members in the form of bribes.

The investigation centres around the fact that the plot was sold to a company called Sacresa for 30 million euros when Nuñez and Navarro, which is the company press charges against the Council of Majorca over the sale, were offering 60 million euros.

According to anti-fraud prosecutor Pedro Horrach, documents have been found linking Munar and Vicens in the transaction.
However, no actual cash was in the raids which began by surprise on Monday evening.
Munar, Nadal, Vicens and the Council of Majorca's former interior councillor, Miguel Angel Flaquer are due to appear in court on June 5 and the hearing is expected to take at least nine days with all six currently facing possible jail terms of six years if found guilty.

The legal advisor to Sacresa has also been called to appear as has company's principal shareholder.
Maria Antonia Munar has already been sentenced to serve five-and-a half years in jail for the misappropriation of some 240'000 euros of public funds while she was President of the Council of Majorca.

Miguel Nadal was sentenced to two years and seven months for also having been involved in the scam. Events of the past few days have also sparked a fresh political battle.

Yesterday, the opposition parties rounded on the ruling Partido Popular accusing the party of also being involved in the Can Domenge deal because at the time, it was locked in a coalition government with the Majorcan Union Party.

Opposition spokespeople said yesterday that considering there are centre right Partido Popular MPs still serving in parliament who were in office when the suspicious deal was done, they should give parliament an explanation as to how the transaction was carried out.

Socialist MP, Pilar Costa, said in parliament yesterday “we want this to be a thorough investigation. And while the main suspects are no longer in active service, there are still politicians who supported the deal serving in this house and they owe the house an explanation.” Massive scale
Econationalist coalition MP, Antoni Alorda, said that this again “shows that the PP and UM when they were in power did exactly what they wanted and totally ignored the best interests of the general public. “In the wake of Vicens's statement, it's clear we're talking about corruption on a massive scale.”