By Humphrey Carter

BRITISH resident Jim Sims has been forced to put the home he lovingly restored in the village of Andratx on the market after a two-year battle with the local council over the rubbish literally dumped on his door step.

Scores of e-mail, photographs such as those printed on this page and letters have been sent to both the previous and present Andratx Council but no action has been taken and, after having had to literally climb over piles of household waste in order to get to his front door, a desperate Sims has put this home up for sale.

When he first bought the property, a set of green bins were located at the bottom of his path but, because the property had been in ruins, the area had become a dumping ground for local residents.

However, despite the property having been renovated and restored and clearly inhabited, rubbish has continued to be dumped at the foot of the path up to his front door. “The previous local council did appear to have taken some notice, but they lost the election and the new council is ignoring the problem. I am informed by the Town hall it is illegal to dump this kind of rubbish in the streets and, if caught, people can be fined 300 euros, but nothing is ever done,” he said yesterday. “I have resorted to removing and taking the rubbish to a green point myself but now a pile of dangerous asbestos was left on the step of my house and that was the last straw. “I've been left with no option but to try and sell the house and move,” he said.