Palma.—It was a crushing victory for the Partido Popular who have a clear majority in the Balearic parliament. It was a crushing defeat for the socialist party who have ruled the islands for the last four years.

The opinion polls had always suggested that the Partido Popular would win but the scale of the victory was far greater than initially expected. From Manacor to Inca and from Palma to Calvia the Partido Popular will rule win a overall majority. There is no need for pacts this time.

The elections were also a watershed for the smaller parties who failed to take any significant share of the vote.
In Calvia it was a great victory for the Partido Popular with the centre right party taking 14 councillors. The socialists were a distant second. The smaller parties who had been standing were left without any council representation.

Former Calvia Mayor Carlos Delgado is expected to be given a high profile job in the new cabinet of Jose Ramon Bauza. Some have even said he will be the new minister of tourism. There is also expected to be a top job, as the new Director for Foreign Affairs, for former councillor Kate Mentink, who last night visited the Bulletin offices to see the election results come in.

It was certainly a night to remember.