Palma.—Teenager Jake Evans from Liverpool was recovering from multiple injuries in Palma's Son Espases yesterday after having fallen an estimated 90 feet from the seventh floor balcony of a hotel in Magalluf and landed on a sunbed just before 8.30am Monday morning.

The sun lounger cushioned his fall although, as the photograph shows, he suffered facial injuries, multiple bruising, a broken arm and ankle and was described as being in a “serious condition.” But, not only did Evans describe surviving the fall from the three-star hotel at which he was staying as a “miracle”, local police sources also said he was lucky to be alive.

Police said: “To survive this fall is nothing short of a miracle. He's a very, very lucky lad. “You would not expect someone to survive a fall from that height.” Talking from his hospital bed, Evans said that he had been out with his friends. “I guess I was a little drunk because I'd been out partying with some friends and when we got back, I tried to reach the lighter but lost my balance and fell. “Fortunately, I bounced down the terraced roofs, it was not a free fall and I landed on a sunbed. “That saved my life because it broke the impact of the fall,” he said. “Once on the floor I began to feel the blood and my eyes began to sting. “My mates were all shouting at me but I was in a state of shock” Evans recalled yesterday.
The Guardia Civil has opened a full investigation into the incident.