TWENTY-FIVE British students belonging to the Budehaven Community School are participating in a linguistic and cultural exchange programme in Andratx, as part of the European Comenius programme. These boys and girls, who are studying Spanish as an optional language, are staying with the families of students at the Baltasar Porcel Institute in Andratx. In March the Andratx students went to England with the same programme and spent 15 days with the families of the students who are now here.
On Wednesday they visited Andratx council and were received by the councillor for Education, Dolors Forteza, who gave their teacher a series of books about the history of the town and gave the students pocket diaries with the town's shield on them. The objective of the Comenius programme is to improve the quality and reinforce the European dimension of teaching through the fostering of cooperation between students and a better professional development for teaching staff as well as promoting knowledge of languages and culture.