THE train service in Majorca has hit a new record high in terms of passenger numbers in April.
The Majorca Train Service Company (SFM) who manages and maintains the trains and railways in Majorca, recorded a number of train passengers in the month of April, which for them was “a record in the history of the service”. These statements were made yesterday by a spokesperson in the Ministry for Public Works.
In total, 321'725 passengers used the train services during April. This is an increase of 38.47 percent when compared with the figures for the same time last year. Furthermore, during the first four months of this year, there has also been a notable increase in passenger figures.
From January to April 1'151'690 passengers used the trains in Majorca. This is an increase of 16.74 percent if compared to the statistics from the first part of 2004, when only 986'532 people used the train. This year the Majorca Train Service Company (SFM) has invested in improving the train services on the island.
In fact the public company has bought new coaches and new engines to keep their customers happy.
However, the train passengers are still not content with the services.
In recent months many train passengers have complained about the continual delays to the train services. Delays that make residents late for work, which in turn comes out of their pay and could ultimately risk losing their employment. It is no wonder, the irate communters say, that they often opt for taking the car.