THE Balearic Hire Car Business Association (AEVAB) has refused the Business Industrial Estate (Sa Creueta) which was recently agreed by Palma city council, to house the many hire car fleets that are parked illegally. Palma city council recently adopted measures to close all those hire car companies who are illegally operating on country land, said the Association.
However, many hire car companies have not complied to these measures, for example Hiper Rent A Car still remains open on illegally country land, near to the airport. This hire car company is the worst culprit when it comes to breaking laws, and since 1997 it has been using 1'200 square metres of illegal land.
Another company that is going against these legal measures is Avis, which has a business licence for a mechanical workshop and not a car hire business, said the Association. Furthermore, Avis is illegally based on country land and the company has recently expanded on the S'Aranjassa road. In addition, the car hire company Record has only just set themselves up on illegal land, next to a building built out of black glass near to the Palma airport. With reference to the comments made by Rodrigo de Santos claiming that AEVAB had asked for information on the Sa Creueta industrial estate, the Association has categorically denied this fact. The Association states that no representative from their group has gone to Palma city council about this matter.“If someone has done this, then Rodrigo de Santos could say exactly who they are, but in no way at all are they representatives from AEVAB”, they added.