ALTHOUGH the Majorcan Railway Service (SFM) is currently hacking its way through the vegetation which has grown along the disused Manacor to Arta railwayline, full-sized trees are going to be dug up and replanted in local town parks, public gardens and green areas in the Llevant district.

The move comes as the SFM prepares to continue its construction of the new Manacor to Arta railway line which will support a tram-style train. It is thirty years since the previous one closed so some of the trees which are straddling the track are fully mature holm oaks, carob trees, wild olive trees, and palms.

The SFM will be responsible for uprooting and replanting and the local town councils will take over the ongoing irrigation and maintenance. First, the trees will have to be well pruned before transportation to reduce energy consumption and give the roots a chance to regenerate in a new location. A day before the move, the tree will be giving a thorough watering and note taken of the direction in which it has grown so that it can be replanted facing the same way.