IN line with recommendations made by Spain's local government workers federation, the Mayor of Soller, Josep Lluis Colom and Goods and Services Councillor, Antoni Femenias, have agreed to a salary cut of 15 percent.

The move comes as a response to austerity measures being proposed by Central Government to help slash the national deficit.
At a meeting held last Wednesday, it was decided that the Mayor will now be paid 42'500 euros a year and Councillor Femenias 34'000 euros. Other Councillors will have their salaries cut by 10 percent. The reduction will also affect a separate monthly income received by the political groups who will now be getting 25 percent less.

The Opposition Partido Popular (PP) leader on Soller town council, Carlos Simarro, praised the arrangements being made for the salary cuts of Colom and Femenias, and said that the decision “spoke well” of the two men who were ready and willing to accept them.

Simarro did not, however, speak so well of the fact that other Councillors were only having their salaries reduced by 10 percent or that there appeared to be no curtailment of expenses allowances enjoyed by the political parties. Palma City Council was the first municipality to announce the salary cuts of their senior figures. Mayor Aina Calvo will be receiving 9 percent less pay.