Palma.— The Balearic High Court yesterday confirmed that ex Balearic President Jaume Matas must find 1.6 million euros worth of bail money in connection with the so-called Opera House corruption scandal .

Separately from the Palma Arena case which has already seen Matas lose his luxury Palma home to the Bank of Valencia after he was unable to repay a 3 million euro bail loan, the ex President is also under investigation for having contracted the services of internationally-renowned architect Santiago for the design of the Palma Bay Opera House.

Matas is alleged to have fraudulently used 1.2 million euros worth of public funds simply for a presentation of the ambitious opera house project using expensively-constructed models and promotional designs.

Appeal rejected
The High Court rejected Matas' appeal against this second bail sum which was originally imposed by José Castro, the judge leading the hearings into the Palma Arena corruption scandal. If Matas wants to stay out of prison whilst investigations continue into the Opera House case, then he will now have to find the 1.6 million euros.

Matas' lawyer said however that the huge bail sum was unjustified because its imposition was based on suspicion, conjecture and unsubstantiated evidence.