PALMA City Council estimates that as of September, preparations will be made in Parc de les Estacions in Palma, in readiness for the beginning of the underground railway works. It calculates, however, that the award of contract for the project, which involves the transformation of Palma's transportation hub, will not be made until December. Following a central government commission meeting yesterday, Rodrigo de Santos, Town Planning deputy, explained that a Works Committee is to be set up next Wednesday, which will coordinate ideas for the redesign of the Parc de les Estacions following the completion of the railway line's diversion underground. In this regard, de Santos specified that the City Council has proposed the participation of two engineers and two architects on the Committee, which will also include representatives from the regional ministry of Public Works, residents' associations, ecologists, professional bodies, transport organisations and political Opposition groups sitting on the Council. The deputy reported that 100'000 euros has been set aside to meet the costs of the process of reaching consensus for the project, which will have to include, he said, not only the carrying out of the works, but also any subsequent maintenance of the park. De Santos calculated that this coming July, the Balearic Environmental Commission will publish its report on any impact such a project would have on the environment, a stage which will give the green light for the licensing of the works. The award of contract will then be made in December. The deputy indicated that the Balearic government and Palma City Council are agreed that the consortium of companies set up for the management of Parc de les Estacions, will be the one which monitors the progress of the works. The consortium includes representation from the departments of Infrastructure, Town Planning, Traffic and Transport, added De Santos who highlighted the fact that the objective of the City Council is to open the invitation to submit designs for the new Parc de les Estacions to citizens themselves. The deputy announced that tomorrow morning, his department would begin research amongst local people, constructors, promoters and professional bodies as part of the second phase of the Quality Plan which aims to reduce delays in the process to secure all necessary licenses for the project. zOnce underway, the works are expected to last 2 years.