Joan Collins GESA Endesa has invested more than 900'000 euros during the first five months of this year in the remodelling and updating of 60 of its power substations in Majorca, in an effort to cut the risk of blackouts during the summer. This falls within its plans for 2006 of improving its medium voltage distribution installations. To do this, it has modernised the substations, replacing conventional switches with compact ones containing very reliable technology. These new switches are perfectly capable of combatting the humidity and corrosion caused by the sea air in areas near the coast, said company sources. These improvements in the supply network mean that the transformer stations will be much more reliable and their level of safety will also be increased. Among other benefits, it is predicted that the improvements will reduce interruptions in the supply, such as power cuts and surges. It is hoped that this will translate into a reliable supply which will affect the client as little as possible, and therefore be an improvement in the quality of the supply to the whole of the island. In previous years, GESA has been criticised for blackouts on the hottest days of the year, when the mass use of air conditioners overloaded the system.